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this is driving me crazy. I'm new to both python and AppEngine, and I can't seem to figure this out. I am writing a simple app hosted by the App Engine. My problem is: I can access a python dictionary with a for loop, but I cannot access items in the dictionary directly using a key string.

I'm calling a JSON web service that returns the following JSON string:

{"WA": "Washington", "DE": "Delaware", "DC": "District of Columbia", "WI": "Wisconsin", "WV": "West Virginia", "HI": "Hawaii", "FL": "Florida", "WY": "Wyoming", "NH": "New Hampshire", "NJ": "New Jersey", "NM": "New Mexico", "TX": "Texas", "LA": "Louisiana", "NC": "North Carolina", "ND": "North Dakota", "NE": "Nebraska", "TN": "Tennessee", "NY": "New York", "PA": "Pennsylvania", "CA": "California", "NV": "Nevada", "VA": "Virginia", "CO": "Colorado", "AK": "Alaska", "AL": "Alabama", "AR": "Arkansas", "VT": "Vermont", "IL": "Illinois", "GA": "Georgia", "IN": "Indiana", "IA": "Iowa", "MA": "Massachusetts", "AZ": "Arizona", "ID": "Idaho", "CT": "Connecticut", "ME": "Maine", "MD": "Maryland", "OK": "Oklahoma", "OH": "Ohio", "UT": "Utah", "MO": "Missouri", "MN": "Minnesota", "MI": "Michigan", "RI": "Rhode Island", "KS": "Kansas", "MT": "Montana", "MS": "Mississippi", "SC": "South Carolina", "KY": "Kentucky", "OR": "Oregon", "SD": "South Dakota"}

The python codes is as follow:


except Exception as ex:
   self.response.write("Google says: %s"%(ex.message))
   self.response.write("<br>Try refreshing the page again")

This is where it gets confusing. The following statement execute just fine:

for each in states:

But I need to refer to the dictionary using its key. So, I did this:


This doesn't work. Google is saying:

File "/base/data/home/apps/bu3245/1.371010709629673028/", line 42, in get
KeyError: 'IN'

What did I do wrong? When i debug locally, the code works, but it doesn't work when it's on the app engine. I can see all the keys and the value spit out by the for loop, but if I access the dictionary using its key, it will tell me key error. If i try using integer as the index, it will say KeyError as well.

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Try for abbr, state in states: – karthikr Oct 18 '13 at 19:12
i can get it to work in for loop with no problem. My problem is i cannot directly access the dictionary using it's key like states["IN"]. I just fond out that it would work using the get method. So, if i do states.get("IN"). It would work. this is crazy!!! – user2773013 Oct 18 '13 at 19:22
Are you sure "IN" is contained within states? – Jesse Oct 19 '13 at 15:48

You cannot access a dictionary by index because it will think you are trying to access the dictionary with a key with value of that index.

I believe .get() works for you is because even when the key does not exist in the dictionary, .get() will return None and thus will not crash your app.

Make sure when you deploy that "IN" is indeed within the response.

Similar to karthikr said, it's usually better to iterate through dictionary by: for key, value in dictionary.iteritems()

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