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I have the following table in which the status column value will be updated dynamically when an informatica workflow is executed.

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[logging](
[id] [int] NULL,
[workflow] [nvarchar](20) NULL,
[status] [int] NULL
    ) ON [PRIMARY]
insert into dbo.logging values(2,'wf_d','5')
insert into dbo.logging values(3,'wf_d','6')
insert into dbo.logging values(4,'wf_d','4')

I need to display all rows from some table say example products when value for the Status column turns to 3 for an particular row(in this example id=4). How to do this in oracle SQL. I got some dirty solution for this problem in SQL server

DECLARE @compareprice int
set @compareprice = (select status from logging where id=4)
if (@compareprice = 3)
select * from dbo.products;
goto label;

At some point when this code is executed the status code for id=4 in the table logging will turn to 3.

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Where are you running this at in SQL server?? I can't imagine your DBA would be very happy about this since you are executing a query over and over and over again in a loop until something changes...

You can sort of do this with a PL/SQL block, but you really shouldn't though, since you are executing hundreds of select statements per second without a sleep somewhere.

You can use a trigger in both oracle and SQL server to have something execute when a row changes.

For example, you could run a SQL agent job in SQL server:

Or a dbms_job in oracle: Can a JOB be created dynamically inside a trigger?

Really, you ought to just set up a task that depends on the informatica job. Failing that, poll the table every 30 seconds with a little external C# or app (or something) that does what you want...

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Thanks for your ideas. My oracle service doesnt startup for some reason on my home PC thats why tried this on SQL Server. I said the same thing to my client that DBA will literally kill me if i want to achieve this task but still they want me to give it a try. I have got no access for VS so i cant try polling the table.How will be the performance if i do it with trigger. Can u provide me some example of how to do this with trigger. the above query would run max for 5 minutes. – user2232402 Oct 18 '13 at 20:37
What does the client want? A CSV file export? Where is the query going to save its results? If you go the trigger route, as long as the dbo.logging table isn't being updated hundreds of times, a PL/SQL trigger on the dbo.logging table that checks for the appropriate "new" value shoudn't be bad for performance. – N West Oct 19 '13 at 3:27
yes. they want a CSV file export. Im running all the SQL script from an Shell Script. I tried triggering option and it doesnt seems to be an viable solution. the logging table updates so many times. Is there any other options left for me? – user2232402 Oct 19 '13 at 10:15
If all you need is a CSV export, why not just run a Informatica task to select the data and dump to a file after Informatica runs the job that updates it. Is there any way you can tie into that informatica job and run a shell script after it finishes? Modified the KSH, etc?? – N West Oct 19 '13 at 12:56
No that is not possible. the client using informatica in a very different way so can get information using pmcmd directly. so im left now with no choices. is there any left – user2232402 Oct 19 '13 at 14:48
X=$(sqlplus -s user/pass << !
set heading off
set feedback off
select status from logging where id=4;
echo $X
if [ $X -eq 3 ]; 
  (sqlplus -s user/pass << !
    set heading off
    set feedback off
        select * from products;

Is this the option you were referring to. Now how do i run the SQL multiple times untill the condition is met.

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Essentially, yes. You can wrap it in a loop and use the sleep command to wait 30 seconds before trying again. – N West Oct 22 '13 at 12:41
Thanks a lot . I have finally fixed it today. – user2232402 Oct 22 '13 at 19:50
start() {
v=`sqlplus -s <<!
set pages 0 echo off feed off
select distinct status from
echo $v;

while :
  if [ "$rval" -eq 4 ]
    echo if condition true
    sqlplus -l scott/tiger <<EOF
    select * from department;
     sleep 30
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