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I have a query regarding AddressBookUI

ABPersonViewController *personController=[[ABPersonViewController alloc] init]; ABAddressBookRef addressBook=ABAddressBookCreate(); //ABRecordRef aRecord=ABAddressBookGetPersonWithRecordID(addressBook, 25);

personController.displayedPerson=ABAddressBookGetPersonWithRecordID(addressBook, uniqueID);

[[self navigationController] pushViewController:personController animated:YES];
[personController release];

to show cotacts corresponding to a uniqueID

but when the view appears and I press the edit button

add fields option Appear, I want to hide this option.

Can this be done????? If yes kindly suggest me some work around.

Thnx in advance.

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That is how the standard Edit Contact view works. You could write your own view&controller that reads the contacts values, puts them in input fields, and after the user has edited them, saves the contact. But that is quite a lot of work, and I would recomment that you use the standard View anyway.

In my opinion, it is better to use standard GUI elements as much as possible.

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