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Install4j v5.1.6: Creating Media File type "Mac OSX Single Bundle" bundled with Java 1.7 JRE (Java 1.7u45) causes the following error displayed when the Install File is launched: "You need at least a 1.7 Java Virtual Machine to install [my app name]. Please download it from"
Works fine if I bundle without JRE by selecting in the Media Wizard JRE step: "Installed OpenJDK JRE (Java 7 and higher)", but I need app bundled with a JRE. Install File launched on OSX version 10.7.5. Created Install File with Install4j running on Win 7 64bit.

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You will need to elaborate in order to get answer, or avoid having your question removed for being low-quality. Welcome to the site, though. Keep at it –  New Alexandria Oct 18 '13 at 21:02
There's some interesting information at… that talks about packaging Java apps for OS X. –  Ross Judson Jan 7 '14 at 15:29

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can u elaborate on how did you add jre and from where u download those bundles? Usually you need to download jre from install4j IDE and can bundle the same with your application.

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