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I used an asynctask to load some data from web by using Json method I call the Asyctask by using this code (new LoadAllMyOrderItems().execute();) in oncreate method i try the same code for other activity and it works but for this activity same code doesnt work!!!

i put some log to see what is going on in backgroung

here it is i declared MyorderItemList

ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> MyOrderItemList=null;

enter image description here

as i mentioned in photo i dont know why that logdidnt show and error occure!!!

enter image description here

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That's because MyOrderItemList is null. You need to create it first with

MyOrderItemList = new ArrayList();
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i already declare it ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> MyOrderItemList=null; – Hossein Mansouri Oct 18 '13 at 20:30

I had forgotten to put this line of code in oncreate method MyOrderItemList = new ArrayList< HashMap < String , String > > ( ) ;

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