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I now working on project with alot of classes and sometimes i need to include like :

CSConnection.h in Player.h and Player.h in CSConnection.h, and now there my compiler got conflicts like Class name was not defined.

Headers had guard, where is problem ?

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Shorten the headers and edit your question, posting them with versions that reproduce the problem. And I'm going to warn you right now that if one of these doesn't exclusively use the other's definitions as pointers or references to incomplete types via forward decls, you're probably doing it wrong. – WhozCraig Oct 18 '13 at 20:52

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Circular dependencies are just bad design. If you feel the urge to have a child/owned object "know about" its parent/owner, you should pass the child a std::function instead of a full reference to the owner.

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Forward declaration - see or Perhaps the use of a guard 'i.e. #ifdef ...' -

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He uses include guards, but they are useless for cyclic inclusion – mel- Oct 18 '13 at 20:52

Include guards prevent a file from being included multiple times within the same file, but can not help you with cyclic includes. What you probably want is forward declaration, but that depends on what's in your include files.

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