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I often do heroku db:pull and it works great.

I have created a staging app, to review code changes on Heroku before deploying to the production app.

I wonder though how I push db data specifically to the staging app?

Will the follwing work? heroku db:push -a my-staging-app-name

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heroku db:push -a my-staging-app-name

will only push your local data to heroku. but it has some problems

I suggest you to push production db directly to staging server

For that you need to get the URL from production and run following command.

heroku pgbackups:restore DATABASE 'db_dump_url' -a my-staging-app-name
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Actually heroku db:push seems even deprecated (by heroku pg:push perhaps?), so thanks a lot for the much useful alternative! –  Fellow Stranger Oct 18 '13 at 22:37

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