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I am looking for some advice on how to approach this problem.

I am getting a string from an API, which may contain HTML tags, such as italic text, bold text, links, images, paragraphs, etc.

I am probably going to go with TTTAttributedLabel which I generally have a lot of love for.

During parsing, I create a string from the original string which strips out all HTML tags. I am using NSString+HTML from a project for that and that seems to work great.

Now what I want to do is prepare an NSAttributedString that TTTAttributedLabel can use to display the text with the right formatting.

I also want to prepare links at the same time in a separate array.

I am wondering if Regex is the appropriate way to go, and how exactly I am going to achieve it.

With Regex, I could look for any HTML tags with <[^>]*>, however, I would like to know the text in between the tags.

Take the following string as an example:

The <b>quick</b> brown fox <i>jumps</i> over the <a href="http://dog.com">lazy dog</a>.

Which should display as:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Now, what I then essentially want are NSRanges for each of the texts appearing inside tags and their type (but taking the tag out of the equation). So for example, for the text above I would get:

NSRange boldRange = NSMakeRange(4, 3);
NSRange italicRange = NSMakeRange(20, 5);
NSRange urlRange = NSMakeRange(35, 8);

I am thinking this should be done as a loop so that I can add formatting to the NSAttributedString I am creating and of course save out the URL ranges to a separate array so I can create the links during display.

Are there any libraries out there to assist me. I'll try to update this question as I find things.

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You could try OHAttributedLabel, it can display html strings like you are asking.

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