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I have following code

#!C:\Perl64\bin -w
#use strict; use warnings;
print "What is your name Mr. \n";
$name = <STDIN>;
chomp ($name);
if ($name =~ /^randal\b/i){
    print "Hello, Randal, How are you doing \n";
} else {
   print "Hello, $name!\n";
   print "Tell the secret word\n";
   $guess = <STDIN>;
   chomp ($guess);
   while (!good_word ($name,$guess)) {
       print "Wrong, please try again\n";
       $guess = <STDIN>;
       chomp ($guess);

sub init_words {
    open (WORDSLIST, "wordslist.txt") || die "can't open wordslist: $!";
$k = 1;
$a = 0;
$b = 0;
while (defined ($name = <WORDSLIST>)) {
    if ($k % 2 == 0) { 
        chomp ($name);
        $words1[$a] = $name;
    } else {
        chomp ($name);
        $words2[$b] = $name;

close (WORDSLIST) || die "couldn't close wordlist: $!";

sub good_word {
    my ($somename, $someguess) = @_;
    $somename =~ s/\W.*//;
    $somename =~ tr/A-Z/a-z/;
    if ($somename eq "randal") { 
         return 1;
    } else {
        #$n = 0;
        #words1 has secret words.
        #words2 has names.
        $t = scalar @words1;
        $u = scalar @words2;
        print "the words1 array is @words1 \n";
        print "the words2 array is @words2 \n";
        for ($d = 0; $d < $u; $d++) {
            #print "currently name in array is @words2[$d]\n";
            print "The value of somename is $somename \n";
            $delta = $words2[$d];
            print "The value of delta is $delta";
            #use strict; use warnings;
            if ($delta eq '$somename') {
                 print "test";
                 return 1;
       #print "The final value of d is $d";
       #print " The final value of array is @words1[$d]";
       #if ("groucho" eq $someguess) {
       #return 1;}
       #while ($n < $t){
       #if (@words1[$n] eq $someguess) {
       #return 1;}
       #else { ++$n};

The main goal of the code is to have wordslist defined. The code should split the wordslist into two sublists i.e. @words1 and @words2. User is asked for a name and then secret guess. The code should check for the name in the @words2 and if match is found program exit (with printing test). For some reason, it is not working as expected. I tried doing some basic debugging and everything looks ok but in the function good_word, the if statement under for loop is never returned true although i can see in my debugging that both $somename and $delta are same. Any suggestions??

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Always remember to use strict and when it gives you an error, fix the error instead of commenting out the use strict –  Kevin Panko Oct 18 '13 at 21:51
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1 Answer


if ($delta eq '$somename'){


if ($delta eq $somename){

Perl strings with double quotes (") will interpolate variables like $somename but strings with single quotes (') will not do that.

Reference to documentation about that: http://perldoc.perl.org/perlop.html#Quote-and-Quote-like-Operators

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Hi Kevin, Thanks for response. I changed it but still not working. For easy understanding, i have another script (almost identical) i.e. $somename = <STDIN>; @words2 = qw (john catherine alex); $u = @words2; for ($d = 0; $d < $u; $d++) { #print "currently name in array is @words2[$d]\n"; #print "The value of somename is $somename \n"; $delta = $words2[$d]; print "The value of delta is $delta \n"; if ($delta eq $somename){print "test";return 1;} } –  user2896215 Oct 19 '13 at 0:42
In above script, if i input either of three words i.e. john, catherine or alex, it wont print test on the screen. Looks like if statement is failing for some reason.... even though if i use chomp ($somename). –  user2896215 Oct 19 '13 at 0:48
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