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In Windows, I want to run a batch script in perl. This batch script wants two inputs from the user, but I want these inputs to come from the perl script. I've tried doing an echo | batchscript but that only works for one input. Currently I'm implementing it like this:

chdir "C:\\folder\\folder\\folder";
`some batch script`;
`echo variable`;
`echo filename`;

Another way I tried:

chdir "C:\\folder\\folder\\folder";
`echo variable | some batch script`;
`echo filename`;

The variable and filename are the two inputs that the script prompts for before continuing. Neither works. Anything helps. Thanks

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You say "shell" script but your sample code uses Windows-style directories. Do you mean to say "batch file"? – mob Oct 18 '13 at 22:14
Yes. I did mean batch file. The perl script is being ran in Window's CMD. – MJ G Oct 21 '13 at 12:22

As the script reads from stdin:

my $script_out = qx(printf "%s\n" variable filename |;
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