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I'm adding SVG export support to an old application built with MFC and using plain old GDI. As SVG 1.1 doesn't support text wrapping, I am forced to do this manually.

The application provides me with a CFont instance (which contains an HFONT). I can calculate the width of a piece of text using CFont::GetTextExtentPoint(), but I haven't found out how to obtain the line height of a font yet.

How can I obtain the line height of my font? Or does CFont::GetTextExtentPoint() always return the line height in the Y coordinate (instead the actual height of the text's tight-fitting bounding box)?

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I think I have a possible answer:

CDC desktopDC;

::TEXTMETRIC metrics;

int lineHeight = metrics.tmHeight + metrics.tmExternalLeading;

It's a bit cumbersome, so if there's a shorter, more obvious solution (or if anyone can confirm that CFont::GetTextExtentPoint() provides me with the actual line height), I'd be happy to hear it still ;)

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See the answer I gave in this question. The question's about the text width, but you can get the text height as well.

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Sorry, that's not what I'm looking for. I need the line height: the offset from one line to the next, which is the static text height (which is not dependent on the actual string) plus the spacing between lines. – Cygon Dec 23 '09 at 8:59

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