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I'm troubled to find a way to reload the variables in the labels within the layout when the 'redo' button is pushed. I'm using ProMotion and Teacup layout. The 'yes' button works. How can I reload the controller and refresh the layout?

class MoodController < UIViewController
  stylesheet :mood

  layout :mood do
    @label = subview UILabel, :label

    @subject_label = subview UILabel, :subject_label
    @verb_label    = subview UILabel, :verb_label
    @object_label  = subview UILabel, :object_label

    @redo_button = subview(UIButton, :redo_button)
    @yes_button  = subview(UIButton, :yes_button)

  def layoutDidLoad
     self.title = "Normal Navbar"

     @redo_button.addTarget( self, action:'redo', 

     @yes_button.addTarget( self, action:'yes', 

  def yes
    @yes_pushed = ResultsController.new
    self.navigationController << @yes_pushed

  def redo
    @redo_pushed = MoodController.new
    self.navigationController << @redo_pushed
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Abstract out your setup code? What exactly are you trying to "Refresh"? –  FluffyJack Oct 21 '13 at 6:13
This isn't a ProMotion screen. Are you using ProMotion somewhere else? –  Jamon Holmgren Oct 21 '13 at 15:09
Somehow I got this to work, though it hasn't made any money for us yet. –  Jesse Crockett Dec 23 '13 at 16:01

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