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I have read that RFS is the basic skeleton which is needed in a computer while booting linux. As per my knowledge File system is a directory structure for storing files.

When RFS is already there, why do we need a other file system like EXT2 and several others.And where these file systems are mounted(EXT2 or other) .

Are these several file system co exist together with RFS when pc is running.

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Do you mean root filesystem? It probably is ext4 or something like that. –  Carl Norum Oct 19 '13 at 3:49
Yes RFS= Root file system SO, it means that the Directory structure of Every file system in Linux is same , be it Ext2 , EXT 3, EXT 4? . –  Virendra Kumar Oct 19 '13 at 3:58

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You mast first know what is RFS:

RFS is a Samsung file system for user space applications formatted as RFS (Robust File System). RFS is a FAT 16/32 based file system with a sort of journalling system on it. The code to build and use the RFS file system is proprietary and only used in Samsung equipment, such as TV's, BluRay players and cellphones. So it's a different file system, and can be used in a partition and other can be used in other partition.

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