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Using the script originally from to post in multiple pages and groups.

It is posting the feed but the pictures are not showing. I'm pretty sure that something is blocking the pictures to show up in the feed, because when i share it in my time line, everything shows up.

I couldn't find anything wrong with the script. Facebook is blocking the images from the feeds. Any idea how to make the pictures to show up?

The form with the information being posted:

Message : A Technology Laboratory..



Name: 25 labs


Description: Blablabla

Parts of the code:

if (!$user) {
    // Get login URL
    $loginUrl = $facebook->getLoginUrl(array(
            'scope'   => 'publish_stream,user_groups,read_stream,publish_actions,photo_upload,share_item',
            'redirect_uri' => $site_url,

if ($user) {
    // Proceed knowing you have a logged in user who has a valid session.
    $token = $facebook->getAccessToken();
    //========= Batch requests over the Facebook Graph API using the PHP-SDK ========
    // Save your method calls into an array
    $queries = array(
        array('method' => 'GET', 'relative_url' => '/'.$user),
        array('method' => 'GET', 'relative_url' => '/'.$user.'/groups?limit=5000'),
        array('method' => 'GET', 'relative_url' => '/'.$user.'/likes?limit=5000'),

    // POST your queries to the batch endpoint on the graph.
        $batchResponse = $facebook->api('?batch='.json_encode($queries), 'POST');
    }catch(Exception $o) {

        foreach ($_POST['ids'] as $id) {
            $batchPost[] = array('method' => 'POST', 'relative_url' => "/$id/feed",'body' => http_build_query($body));

            if ($i++ == 50) {
                    $multiPostResponse = $facebook->api('?batch='.urlencode(json_encode($batchPost)), 'POST');
                    if (is_array($multiPostResponse)) {
                        foreach ($multiPostResponse as $singleResponse) {
                            $temp = json_decode($singleResponse['body'], true);
                            if (isset($temp['id'])) {
                                $splitId = explode("_", $temp['id']);
                                if (!empty($splitId[1])) $list_ids[] = $splitId[0];
                            }elseif (isset($temp['error'])) {
                                error_log(print_r($temp['error'], true));
                }catch(FacebookApiException $e) {


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So what is the content that you are actually posting? I see you using http_build_query on a variable $body, but that is nowhere else to be found in your code. – CBroe Oct 19 '13 at 11:14
its being used in the $batchPost array. and after it is part of the $multiPostResponse. – Andre Mendes Oct 19 '13 at 18:17
I see where it’s being used – but not where you are putting any values into it (and what those are) … – CBroe Oct 19 '13 at 19:39
as i mentioned its the part of the script.... the entire script is too long. all information is coming from the form and its being placed into the array $body. – Andre Mendes Oct 21 '13 at 7:50

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