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I am currently working with some legacy flash files that submit POST data based on some actions. Problem is I am unable to edit the flash file and flash seems to be submitting to the controller method the flash file is currently on + index.php.

It is fine that its submitting here, I'm just trying to figure out a way to catch it. Everything I attempt continues to return a 'NotFoundHttpException'.

I am currently trying to catch it with:

public function postMethod()


Any suggestions?

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Is the route making it past your htaccess intact? Can you show your routes file? If the route is coming through OK surely you can just match RouteWithFlashFile/index.php to a method in your controller. Something like this:

Route::post('RouteWithFlashFile/index.php', 'MyController@processFlash');

If that doesnt work, you might have to look at reworking your htaccess to map the route to something else. I will confess this is all speculation as I've never stuck index.php in the middle of a route before.

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