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I'm fairly new to Cucumber and am having trouble with the final step of this scenario:

  Given I am on the sign up page
  When I create an account
  Then a new list should be created for my account at the same time

My models:

User has_one :list, dependent: :destroy
List belongs_to :user

My step definitions (I don't have anything for step 3)

Given(/^I am on the sign up page$/) do
  visit new_user_registration_path

When(/^I create an account$/) do
  fill_in 'Username', with: 'Test'
  fill_in 'Email', with: 'test@example.com'
  fill_in 'Password', with: 'abc12345'
  fill_in 'Password confirmation', with: 'abc12345'
  click_button 'Submit sign up'

Then(/^a new list should be created for me at the same time$/) do

How should my step definition look for the last step? I basically just want to ensure that after a new User is created, their associated List is created at the same time.

I've had a look at the pickle gem but I'm still quite new at this and am not really sure if there is a relevant step in pickle_steps.rb file.


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please post the code you already have for that step. –  phoet Oct 19 '13 at 12:33
Please post all of your step definitions. The structure for the last step will depend on what you've done in the previous steps. –  Jeremy Green Oct 19 '13 at 17:22

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So I posted this to r/bdd and someone's comment gave me a eureka moment:

With Cucumber, I shouldn't be using steps that relate to such a granular level of my program. The current scenario is looking at the app through the eyes of a developer, when it should be looking at it through the eyes of a user.

Here's a re-write that uses a better viewpoint:

  Given I am on the sign up page
  When I create an account
  Then I should be able to visit my list page

Cucumber should only be concerned with whether I can get there. It would be better at this point to drop down into something like RSpec to work out the details of how I get there (i.e. what the objects are doing rather than how they behave).

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