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I have several games uploaded to the AppStore, and most of them support Game Center's achievements. It all worked smooth until iOS7 came into scene. It turned that players that had already updated to iOS7 could not be able to play the game because it gets stuck at the start with a black screen. Needless to say that it all worked perfectly with iOS6. After a lot of research I realized that if I turned the Game Center support off, the app would launch and work as expected on iOS7. So the problem starts as long as I enable the Game Center capability in XCode5. In order to keep things easy, I decided to make some tests with Apple's OpenGL Game template project. So I created a new project, chose the previously mentioned OpenGL template, built it and launched on my iPad, iOS7 powered. It worked fine. Then I enabled the Game Center capability in the project and even created an specific provisioning profile for this test app, and then I got stuck with the black screen again. Believe me if I say I just turned the Game Center cap on, and then it stopped working. Not a single line of code was written into the original template... Some debugging after, I realized that if I just added the Game Center capability, the viewDidLoad method of the ViewController won't be called anymore, so it won't do all OpenGL initialization stuff and the expected execution flow.

Have anyone had this issue? What I may be missing? It seems to me, that Game Center is somehow blocking the initialization of my viewController, but it makes no sense. Just adding the framework shouldn't cause any effect on the app. On the other hand, I have already implemented the local player authentication, and although it works, the viewDidLoad method of the view controller keeps uncalled, so I have a player logged into a black screen game...

In my tests, I have just used Apple's sample code from it's OpenGL game template and the Game Center implementation guide of their documentation.

Thank you

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