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why is copy constructor not being called for the return call of function func in the last lines of main function ..it is being called when i send a parameter by value but not when i am returning a value

class A
        int x , y , z;
        A(int x=4 , int y=2 , int z=1)
            this->x = x;
            this->y = y;
            this->z = z;

        A(A& a)
            x = a.x;
            y = a.y;
            z = a.z;
            printf("Copy Constructor called\n");

        //not a copy constructor
        A(A *a)
            x = a->x;
            y = a->y;
            z = a->z;
            printf("Some Constructor called\n");
        void tell() { printf("x=%d y=%d z=%d\n" , x , y , z);}

    A func()
    A a;

    return a;

    int main()
        A a1;

        a1=func(); //why is copy constructor not called while returning
        return 0;
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Read about copy elision (also here). –  Joachim Pileborg Oct 19 '13 at 15:41

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This is because of copy-elision. The compiler is allowed to omit the copy and store the result directly in the object. You can turn off copy-elision with the compiler option -fno-elide-constructors (I wouldn't recommend it though).

Related: What are copy elision and return value optimization?

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