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I just started using google app engine. In order to use templates, I'm using jinja2. I want to add images dynamically after I set the width and height of the img tag. I used PIL in order to read the image size and put the one I want.

However when I open the image with PIL, I need it not to be in a static_dir and to put the image in the img tag, I need it to be in the static_dir.

As a testing solution I've copied the folder to see if I get results and I did. But as you can see having each image saved twice is kind of bad.

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If you want the file to be both static (served fast by not having to pass through your app) and available to the app, note the application_reabable option in the description of static file handler patterns. It does want you want without you having to duplicate files.

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Thank you very much, this works perfectly. I should look more into those options. –  Majid Oct 19 '13 at 17:44

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