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Right now I am using the code:

Method[] m = cls.getDeclaredMethods();
(m[0].getModifiers() & Modifier.NATIVE) != 0)

This gets a list of all the declared method in a class, and the second gets the modifiers for a method which I then check to see if the method is a native method or not (I have other means to only include methods I wrote, not obvious native one).

What I would like to know is, how can I manually create a list of methods in that class and how can I manually get the modifiers for a method without using the above method?

The reason for this strange request is because I am combating a piracy method on Android which replaces any method. The only way to check if the method has been replaced is to check if it is native, as this is what the method replacements are. However the methods getDeclaredMethods and getModifiers can also be replaced so I'm hoping there is a way to get the necessary info without invoking them. (This is the same reason I am doing a bit comparison vs calling isNative).

Is this possible?

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