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Google's NaCL OpenGL demo uses the "Pure" OpenGLES function calls. However, I'd like to play around with the Pepper OpenGL interface.

The problem I'm having is that the Google demo initializes the PPB Graphic Interface from the browser calling

ppb_g3d_interface = (PPB_Graphics3D*)get_browser(PPB_GRAPHICS_3D_INTERFACE);

In my case, this seems to be returning an instance of PPB_Graphics3D_1_0 and not an OpenGLES interface. Is there anyway to set Chrome use the OpenGLES interface at launch or from within the NaCL code?

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The interface you're looking for is PPB_OpenGLES2. It can be found in $NACL_SDK_ROOT/include/ppapi/c/ppb_opengles2.h.

You can use it like this:

ppb_opengles_interface = (PPB_OpenGLES2*)get_browser(PPB_OPENGLES2_INTERFACE);

See the auto-generated documentation for it here:


The source for the "extension library" described in your link is also available in the SDK. You can look at the source for it in $NACL_SDK_ROOT/src/ppapi_gles2.

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