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I know I can get Linux booting log using dmesg command but don't know how can get booting log of U-boot when my system just started.I Tried Go-ogling also but all I got is dmesg reference everywhere.

Also I am not sure what is CRM in U-boot? I am on ARM based target board.

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The console output from U-Boot is not saved anywhere (by default).
Hence, there is no "log" is display.
You have to capture U-Boot's console messages as they are output (e.g. using a terminal emulation program's logging feature), or they are gone forever.

Also I am not sure what is CRTM in U-boot?

"CRTM" is not standard terminology for U-Boot AFAIK.
It probably refers to a secure bootstrap program that loads U-Boot.

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Thanks @sawdust for this helpful link. – Amit Singh Tomar Oct 21 '13 at 8:50

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