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i was reading a small code for RequiredIf Conditional Validation in MVC3 and the code as follows.

string depProp = context.Controller.ViewData.TemplateInfo.GetFullHtmlFieldId(this.DependentProperty);

public class Person
       [RequiredIf("Address.Country", "USA", ErrorMessage = "SSN required for US citizens.")]
       [RegularExpression(@"^\d{9,9}$", ErrorMessage = "Numbers only please.")]
       public string SSN { get; set; }
       public Address Address { get; set; }

1) first of all i like to know at all any in-built attribute called RequiredIf is available in mvc 3 ?

2) if not then how we can create this attribute which will emit right js at client end which show the validation message.

3) what is the meaning of this below line

string depProp = context.Controller.ViewData.TemplateInfo.GetFullHtmlFieldId(this.DependentProperty);
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Looks like you're searching for Simon Ince's implementation of RequiredIf attribute.

The attribute implementation could be found at Conditional Validation in MVC.

The js-side described at Adding Client-Side Script to an MVC Conditional Validator.

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