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I am using .NET 3.5. What method of the Array class is best for returning a empty index in an array (which can then be used for populating). The Single/SingleOrDefault() methods look good, but if there is more than one empty slot, I want the first with the lowest index.

EDIT: This is pretty easy with a loop, but I am looking at ways to do this in LINQ.

My current result in code is this:

              var x = from s in BaseArray
                    where s == null
                    select s;

But not tested and not sure how it will behave (will get more than one result in an empty array).


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var result = list.Where(i => IsItemEmpty(i)).FirstOrDefault();

This simple linq statement will return the first "empty" item from the list. Of course, I've abstracted out how to decide if the item is empty as I don't know what your data structure looks like, but that should do it.

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Perfect! Thanks for that, need to play with these methods more. – csharpdev Dec 22 '09 at 15:24

I've implemented this extension method. See if it's useful:

    public static int? FirstEmptyIndex<T>(this IEnumerable<T> src)
        using (IEnumerator<T> e = src.GetEnumerator())
            int index = 0;
            while (e.MoveNext())
                if (e.Current == null)
                    return index;
        return null;
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