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I have decided after much internal debate that instead of re-writing some C source code into C# for an old IRC-specific war game I will instead use the original source code for the game server in it's entirety and instead write code to communicate with that server and translate to and from the end-user(player) on my web app.

I have multiple sources for the game including various clients and the server(called daemon) with which they connect. It works like this, the server runs on a specific port which is by default 7777. It waits for connections from clients which act as intermediaries between the server and the end-user(player). The various client for which I have the source include:

  • IRC which is the main and preferred method of play in the original game, this uses an IRC bot which connects to a specified IRC server. Players then interact with the bot as the intermediary.

  • Web which is antiquated and rudimentary and uses some sort of CGI to translate textual commands entered on the web form to the server which responds with textual responses of the outcomes.

  • MUD works the same as the above mentioned intermediaries but runs a MUD server players connect to the interact with the server.

The function of placing these between the end-user from what I can assess from studying the source code is for validation of input which in all of the above forms are text commands. These also serve the purpose of separating the business logic and communication logic to make what is already spaghetti C code more readable and more stable.

Communications between these two objects, server and client, is done using XML over the socket and it is fairly straight forward. Here is an example of a typical communication:

Message to the server:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  • Type indicates the nature of the end-point communicating with the server. IRC, WEB, MUD, AIM
  • User indicates the name of the player the command should be executed on behalf of.
  • Cmd is the textual command.
  • Host is used to prevent multiple characters from the same IP/Host (cheating)
  • Msg is reserved for messages coming from the server and give the game-related response to the action the player just performed.

My goal is to write a fully-fledged web client that uses the new technologies we have available. I've envisioned an MVC web app that will utilize AJAX, JavaScript, and maybe a little Flash for aesthetic purposes. My question is, should I write the communication logic to and from the game's server and the service using sockets and bake that into the WCF Service project, or should I place this into a separate project whose types can be used and instantiated inside the WCF service? How much encapsulation is too much?

Thanks, BSA

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