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I am trying to draw a <rect> element inside a <svg> tag. But for some reason, when the x value of the rect is quite large (>5000) the x position of the rect is off by a bit. This error gets larger as the x value and svg width gets wider.

Here's an example of where the x position is wrong.

<svg width="9000" height="100" style="border:1px solid black">
<rect x="9000" y="0" height="100" width="200"></rect>

This is what I see in IE: img link

The start of the rect should be at the very end of the svg canvas (chrome just hides the rect but if you set x=1999 you can see a small slither) but in ie10, the rect overlaps the svg by quite few pixels. This gets worse as you increase the x values.

Is there some fix for this problem?

I am currently using IE10 which should have ok support for svg.

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