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I am working on a piece of code where several elements can have an orientation, meaning that their spatial position is relative to a reference frame.

I could create an abstract base class called OrientedObject, and then a collection of algorithms acting on instances of this class.

I could also define my own oriented concept, and write generic algorithms acting on types which fulfill the concept (similar to the design of the Boost Geometry Library).

According to the Boost Generic Programming Techniques page:

A concept is a set of requirements consisting of valid expressions, associated types, invariants, and complexity guarantees. A type that satisfies the requirements is said to model the concept. A concept can extend the requirements of another concept, which is called refinement.

Accordingly, the oriented concept could be defined as a collection of necessary types (such as vectors), valid operations (such as rotate), etc.

It seems to me that if inheritance models the is a relationship, and a concept defines whether something is a, then a concept represents a form of inheritance, which happens to be more practical and extensible (along the lines of duck typing) if also more intellectually complex to define properly.

Now, inheritance is necessary if one wants to create a container of related types. For example, I could not create a container of oriented types unless they belong to the same base class.

So, I am having a hard time deciding whether defining my concepts in terms of concept or in terms of inheritance (and I cannot think of any other form).

Can you offer any guidance?

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Use polymorphic inheritance if and only if you need to manage a heterogeneous collection of objects whose types you only know at runtime, but cannot know statically. Otherwise, you can keep all your types separate statically. –  Kerrek SB Oct 19 '13 at 19:55
@KerrekSB I need to keep one single collection of these guys into a very specific part of my program... it seems that only because of that I will have to rely on inheritance... I would have liked to use concepts... oh well... –  Escualo Oct 19 '13 at 20:02

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