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I think maybe i got this one once when i was a little AutoIt kid botting in the eNet.

But actually i'm trying to get it again - anyone knows how?

BTW: Understanding the problem is quite easy - each time when autoit is sending its stuff, a keyboard-users stuff gets missed exactly the Opt("SendKeyDownDelay",50) time.

As usually i was finding lots of stuff with google (specially when googling with the keyword "autoit"...) and with bing i think i even found malware.

I look forward to read your answers.
Greets Tim.

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The alternative to send is ControlSend ( "", "", "", "e")

This will send an "e" to an active window without interrupting the input.

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If you want to send data as quickly as possible in addition to not interrupting you can use the clipboard.

Here are three examples:

Example one (listed above):

$data = "I want to send this!"
ControlSend( "", "", "", $data )

Example Two (fastest way):

$data = "I want to send this!"
ClipPut($data) ;puts text in clipboard
ControlSend( "", "", "", "^v" ) ;pastes text instantly

Example Three (clipboard without ControlSend):

$data = "I want to send this!"

Additionally you can clear the clipboard with: ClipPut('')

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In my case, the Opt("SendKeyDownDelay",50) statement is given and a keyboard-emulation is absolutely welcome.

AutoIt was very user-friendly there.

Send("{X DOWN}")
Send("{X UP}")

And the Opt("SendKeyDownDelay",0) statement can do exactly what was excepted. You'd need a function to send strings, but the key down time is easy to change with that method.

Maybe someone can use that, i can. (Remember to replace X with a key of your choice)
Thanks for your tips and greetings

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