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i am working on an urgent project which involves implmentation of filestore of Agiletoolkit

i went through the doc here => http://agiletoolkit.org/doc/filestore

$p->add('H4')->set('Previously Uploaded Files');
$g->dq->limit(5)->order('id desc');

there is this example there


Q1. I know i don't need to use MVCGrid addon here but why is it mentioend in this example? (its confusing me )

Q2. Filestore is a controller i get that .. so if i want it on multiple pages, do i add it in the API ?

Q3. If suppose i add something like that in api can i use it in all pages ? if yes then how ? $this->api-> WHAT ?

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There was a small bug in filestore which is fixed now. So it should work fine. It was a bug in sql queries that were imported.

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