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Ok so I am new to C++ and I am trying to include libcURL. I have created a static library as opposed to using the DLL as I want to be able to reduce my programs dependencies by as much as possible.

I have also set my Runtime Library in Visual Studio 2012 to MT and MTd as I understand this removes the need for redistributables to be installed?

Anyway, as soon as I add the line #define CURL_STATICLIB, MSVCR110.dll & LIBCMTD.lib clash with each other. I understand that this is because MSVCR110.dll is built with /MD and LIBCMTD.lib is built with /MT but I need to use the static library AND have the Runtime set to /MT

How can I fix the linking error without changing the Runtime Library? if thats no possible then How can fix this while keeping zero dependencies for my application?

Also, If the linking error only concerns MSVCR110.dll & LIBCMTD.lib, then why does it only occur when #define CURL_STATICLIB is set, and not all the time?


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You are linking code that was compiled with /MT with code that was compiled with /MD. That cannot work, all code must be compiled with the same setting. A #define can't get that job done. Good odds that you just have an incompatible build for curl. – Hans Passant Oct 20 '13 at 8:20

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