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I need a quick an simple excel formula to get the sum of values for different types of objects as listed below:

Type1  10 
Type1  10 
Type1  10 
Type2  10 
Type2  10 
Type2  10 
Type2  10 
Type3  10 
Type3  10

Number of items and number of types are unknown (long list), in a different worksheet I would like to get sum of types like:

Sumof Type1: 30
Sumof Type2: 40
Sumof Type3: 20

I need no VBA, just simple excel formula please..


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We are here to serve! Or not. –  Oded Dec 22 '09 at 16:12

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I think sumif is what you are looking for

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Not if the number of types is unknown and potentially large, right? –  jakber Dec 22 '09 at 16:18
you can get distinct lists using INDEX, MATCH and COUNTIF. You aren't going to find a single formula which gives you everything you want with no effort. You are going to have to figure some bits out yourself. –  Simon Dec 22 '09 at 16:37
Interesting approach to a Q&A forum. If there's a solution for the sample given using that function, why not post it? –  deworde Apr 28 '11 at 17:03

Use a pivot table for this.

  1. Add a header row to your data ("data type", "value")
  2. Select your data
  3. Insert pivot table
  4. Drag "data type"-header to the Row Labels area
  5. Drag "value"-header to the Values area
  6. Make sure it says "Sum of value" and not "Count of value" in the Values area, if not you need to double-click it and change to use sum.

You could also use the "Add subtotals" feature for this, but pivot tables are more flexible and powerful.

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  A        B

1 Type1 10

2 Type2 10

3 Type2 10

4 Type1 10


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Can you also add how to make a list with sums for Type1, Type2, Type3... like @Tolga asked? –  wonko79 Jan 14 at 18:54

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