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I'm using Kwalify for schema validation. One part of the YAML document actually does want to allow for key names of a certain type in a mapping.

I see that Kwalify support regexes for the values in a mapping, but I see no such mention of support for using regexes in the keys in a mapping. Here's what I'd like to support validating:

  sub-element-1: test
    element-with-pattern-1: test1
    element-with-pattern-2: test2

So I don't know what some key names will exactly be in advance (shown here with the fake names "element-with-pattern-*", but I do know that they should correspond to a pattern defined by a regex.

Is this possible to validate using Kwalify?

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I do not believe it's possible given the current state of the code.

I'm actually in a similar situation, which I found out (the hard way) does not work well for validation in the Kwalify context. I've begun migrating away from flexible key names into a paradigm where I can specifically define the schema.

For example, I migrated this:

  random_key1: url1
  random_key2: url2


  - name: random_key1
    url: url1 
  - name: random_key2
    url: url2

With the latter syntax, you can validate like this:

  type: seq
    - type: map
          type: str
          required: yes
          type: str
          required: yes

Within that context, you can add a pattern regex validators to either name or url that should allow you to achieve your goal.

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