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I've been debugging a Java application and have encountered something odd. When a particular method is called, Java throws a ClassNotFoundException. Unfortunately, the methods in question (the invoking and the 'missing' one) are inside a JAR file for which I have no documentation or source. To get at the source, I used JD-GUI (a Java JAR reverse engineer-er) and the JD plugin for Eclipse. As far as I can tell, the class in question exists inside the JAR file. This because JD-GUI displays it inside the JAR, and from within Eclipse I can see it listed along with the constructors and methods.

My question is why the source being displayed in Eclipse is for a different class (that also exists)? This program was built with Ant - is it possible the problem lies there?

Screenshot below for your viewing pleasure - and thanks in advance for your help!

a screengrab of the problem


I decided to see what would happen if I built the project from via the command line and Ant. To my surprise, the method call that fails when executed under Eclipse seems to work just fine when built and run from manually. Fascinating...


I tracked down the cause of the run-time error and corrected it. Apparently, when I built the project via Eclipse/Ant, a library wasn't included when it should have been. Also, the situation depicted in the screenshot has been ameliorated by a good old fashioned system restart (not a Project Clean or an Eclipse restart, both of which were attempted prior to this posting).

Is there some issue with Eclipse/Ant that I'm unaware of? Why would the project have built just fine via command line invocation of Ant but not Eclipse? Obviously user-error can't be ruled out, but it's not that difficult to get Eclipse to build a project via Ant, so unless there's some trick to it I'm thinking the issue is Eclipse. Also, why wasn't a build error thrown when Eclipse compiled the code? A library was referenced and missing, so why did the error only become apparent when the function was invoked at run-time? Lastly, how in the heck did the circumstance depicted in the screen shot occur?

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