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I have a project with 4tabs in it. All four tabs are within the activity_main xml file. The MainActivity Java file uses the tabhost to set the content of the tabs. One of my tabs has a list view and the other a map. Do I carry out all these events(loading the map,setting the list view) in the MainActivity class or I can implement a class for each layout so that the class is called when the focus changes to that tab? Kind of a newbie need some serious help. Not very familiar with tabs as well. Thanx. Dont know what sample code to attach as I havent tried much except implement some things in a different class and that never worked.

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Each tab content should be an activity (or at least what i found in code samples), first time you activate a tab it will its activity onCreate(), and then if you clicked a tab that was already loaded that will call its onResume().
Here you can find a step by step tutorial for using tabs.

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found this easy to understand in accordance to my level of Android programming right now. thanx – Manny264 Oct 20 '13 at 18:04

You can use a FragmentTabHost.

For each of your tabs create a Fragment and add it to the FragmentTabHost.

Here's a quick tutorial.

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havnt yet properly looked into fragments but i will soon – Manny264 Oct 20 '13 at 18:02

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