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According to their website, the class DUration implements the ISO 8601

But let see an example. It is a duration of 14min & 51sec. In ISO 8601 those code are equivalent :

    System.out.println("bug "+new Duration("PT14M51S"));
     System.out.println("NO bug "+new Duration("PT891S");

The PT14M51S is a real extract for a postgresql database & correct. The joda-time api just convert everything in sec why ?It seems to dont know anything elese than the keyletter S(theres Y, M, D...)

Thanks in advance

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You need:

System.out.println("bug "+new Period("PT14M51S"));
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To clarify, Joda uses "Period" to mean what everybody else calls "Duration" (ISO and Oasis for sure) and adds "Duration" to mean something similar but different. Yes, its really confusing.

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