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I am looking for a graph library in javascript which offers graph algorithm for directed and undirected graphs (like calculating Minimum Spanning Trees, Shortest Path etc). I wont need any layout algorithm as I want to implement this with d3.js . Thanks

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You may be interested in Cytoscape.js, which can be used both for visualisation or headlessly for analysis:


You may find it easier to use just Cytoscape.js rather than building a whole new visualisation with d3, but you could use Cytoscape.js headlessly with a d3 visualisation on top if you want.

Disclaimer: I developed Cytoscape.js

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thanks for that one, looks very interesting indeed –  dorjeduck Mar 27 '14 at 15:11
Does Cytoscape provide a method which returns the ancestor tree of a node (and what is its name)? Note, I am not referring to compound nodes. Thanks! –  mareoraft May 17 at 14:01

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