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Trying to get text from a UITextView to a note in Evernote. Evernote SDK installed authorised & linked ok.

For some reason the string noteContent just appears as ; layer = ; contentOffset: {0, 0}> when displayed in Evernote

if([[EvernoteSession sharedSession] isEvernoteInstalled]) {

    NSMutableArray *tagNames = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:@"iCertifi",@"electrical",@"certificates", nil];

     NSString *noteContent = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",self.note.text];

    EDAMNote* note = [[EDAMNote alloc] initWithGuid:nil title:@"Test Note - Evernote SDK" content:noteContent contentHash:nil contentLength:0 created:0 updated:0 deleted:0 active:YES updateSequenceNum:0 notebookGuid:nil tagGuids:nil resources:nil attributes:nil tagNames:tagNames];
    [[EvernoteSession sharedSession] setDelegate:self];
    [[EvernoteNoteStore noteStore] saveNewNoteToEvernoteApp:note withType:@"text/html"];
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Ok fixed this

needed to set

[[EvernoteNoteStore noteStore] saveNewNoteToEvernoteApp:note withType:@"text/html"];


[[EvernoteNoteStore noteStore] saveNewNoteToEvernoteApp:note withType:@"text/plain"];

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