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I'm making a database which includes artists, albums and songs. I have a table for artists (artists), for albums (albums) and for songs (songs). The album table has a foreign key from artists, the artist_id so I don't have to write the artists' names over and over again.

Now I want to add songs. I exported tag values of my albums to csv files. These I imported into mysql. That's the songs table, it includes: title, artist_name, album_name, time.

Now I want the songs to be linked to the corresponding album. So the column album_name from songs is album_name from albums. I don't know how to link them, as far as I know foreign keys need int. In albums there is album_id but that can't be included in songs, if I wanted to I would have to put them in manually, that's a lot of time.

Thanks in advance

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I think you should refactor your songs table and replace artist_name with artist_id and album_name with ablum_id, which have a foreign key constraint on artists and albums tables respectively

Another way of looking at is:

the albums table is essentially a junction table between artists and songs. You could have called the table artists_songs to reflect the relationship.

In this case, your junction table should have both artist_id and song_id.

So the relationships will be

  1. artists have many albums (or artists_songs), have many songs via albums
  2. albums have many songs, belong to artists
  3. songs belongs to albums, belongs to artists via albums
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