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I have always used hibernate.cfg.xml to configure Hibernate. For various reasons I need to move all the configuration to Java and I have problem with mapping entities.

Previously in XML my mappings looked like this:

<mapping class="com.mycompany.enitites.Test" />

Everything is annotation driven, so I did not need to specify anything else.

Now that I configure everything using Hibernate's Configuration.class, how to add the mappings? I tried configuration.addClass(Test.class) but this throws an error that file test.hbm.xml does not exist. And I don't want to use it, I want Hibernate to read the mappings from annotations.

EDIT: I tried configuration.addAnnotatedClass(Test.class) but this throws relation "test" does not exist on the first encountered query that involved Test.class entity.

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I made grammar mistake in the following line:

configuration.setProperty("", "update");

Which preventing Hibernate from creating tables in startup and thus not finding them...

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