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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class Assn2
     static void set_numberofshape();
     static void increase_numberofshape();

      static int numberofshape22;

void Assn2::increase_numberofshape()

void Assn2::set_numberofshape()
} // there is a problem with my static function declaration

int main()

Why do I get an error undefined reference to Assn2::numberofshape22 when I compile this?

I am trying to declare an static integer :numberofshape22 and two methods.

Method 1 increase numberofshapes22 by 1

Method 2 initialise numberofshape22 to 0

What am I doing wrong ??

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You just declared the variable. You need to define it:

int Assn2::numberofshape22;
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The declaration of a static data member in the member list of a class is not a definition.

To respect the one Definition Rule you must define a static data member. In your case you only declared it.


// in assn2.h
class Assn2
  // ...
      static int numberofshape22; // declaration

// in assn2.cpp

int Assn2::numberofshape22; // Definition
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