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I'm creating a XSS scanner, now I want to know the output location of a string.

It could be,

  • Between HTML tags, e.g <h2>string</h2>
  • An attribute of a tag, e.g <h2 class=string></h2>

Now I need to know which case it belongs to. If I go through all the tags and all their attributes it would be painfully slow, so I need a faster way.

Any suggestion? Running perl

P.S string is carefully crafted, which will not cripple the HTML structure in anywhere.

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I don't understand the problem. You are looking for the string string inside an HTML file? Why not use grep or sed? –  l19 Oct 20 '13 at 17:32

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I am not sure if I understand your problem, but here is my attempt at an answer. This code checks if $string is the only thing in the attribute/tag, e.g. <h2>string</h2> rather than <h2>hello string</h2>.

print "String '$string' found between HTML tags.\n" if ($file =~ /<(\w+).*?>$string<\/\1>/);
print "String '$string' found in HTML attribute.\n" if ($file =~ /<\w+ (?:.+? )?\w+="$string"(?: .+?)?>/);

Note both prints will fire if the string occurs in both cases, e.g. <h2 class=string>string</h2>. If you need an explanation of what the regexes do, comment and I'll edit my answer. This assumes the entire HTML file is in $file and the string is in $string. The first can be achieved with something like this:

$FILE = 'C:/path/to/file.html';

open FILE or die "Cannot open $FILE for read: $!";
while (<FILE>) {
   $file .= $_;
close FILE;
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