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Okay I'm going to do my best to explain this.

I am using require.js. I have a file named ScheduleView.js and it loads Subject.js.


], function($, _, Backbone, SubjectList){
    var Subject = Backbone.Model.extend({
        initialize: function(){
            subjectList = new SubjectList;
                success: function(){
                    console.log('yay! fetched');


return Subject;

The Subject model is used ALOT. And I can't make it fetch the data every time. That's just a waste of performance. It's also too much of a hassle to initialize Subject once in the ScheduleView and pass on the variable;

Are there other alternatives of doing this?

Hope you understand the problem. Thanks

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Aha! Inside 'libs/myFunctions/schedule/collections/SubjectList' i simply wrote:

var subjectList = new Subject
return subjectList

That way I could simple include the link every time I needed it with only having it fetched the information once.

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