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While working on an IPython notebook, I'm increasingly finding myself wishing that the notebook would have a console attached to it, for interactive programming. I find myself adding lines to test snippets of code and then deleting them. and that's the good usage. In the worse usage im changing the commands in the same line, evaluating the line over and over, changing entirely the purpose of the line until i get it right, and then im Ctrl-Zing all the way back to the original cell intent.

If I could have In the bottom of the notebook an interactive interpreter, That would definitely increase my productivity. I know that a notebook has a kernel, but i wasn't able to attach a new ipython console to it. So my wonders are:

  1. is there some why im not aware of to work in a more efficient way with the notebook?
  2. assuming there isn't, how can i attach an ipython console to a notebook kernel?


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Just do %qtconsole in one cell, and it will start a qtconsole attached to the same kernel. Of course your kernel need to be local.

you can of course use the long method :

In [1]: %connect_info
  "stdin_port": 50845, 
  "ip": "", 
  "control_port": 50846, 
  "hb_port": 50847, 
  "signature_scheme": "hmac-sha256", 
  "key": "c68e7f64-f764-4417-ba3c-613a5bf99095", 
  "shell_port": 50843, 
  "transport": "tcp", 
  "iopub_port": 50844

Paste the above JSON into a file, and connect with:
    $> ipython <app> --existing <file>
or, if you are local, you can connect with just:
    $> ipython <app> --existing kernel-45781.json 
or even just:
    $> ipython <app> --existing 
if this is the most recent IPython session you have started.


 ipython qtconsole --existing kernel-45781.json
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Super Cool!!! thanks! –  idoda Oct 20 '13 at 16:43
I've been using a text editor and separate ipython shell and getting equally annoyed! Is there some way to use the %paste magic function? I only seem to be able to copy accross one line of code to the console. –  Woody Pride Oct 21 '13 at 13:40
Oh, my bad Ctrl + V seems to do the trick! :-) –  Woody Pride Oct 21 '13 at 13:45

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