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I would like to read a complete file through a Pig UDF and then prepare an output file using PrintWriter library in Java and store it on HDFS.

Is this possible,

Steps followed

1) I am able to read the input file in the UDF. Prepare a HashMap from that file.[ACHIEVED]

2) write the data to an output file by filtering the input file. The filtration is done using the HashMap[YET TO BE ACHIEVED]

Can anyone help in my step2.

Aim is to create a file in the Pig UDF and write to that file.


Regards, Dheeraj Rampally.

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What have you tried to do? – reo katoa Oct 21 '13 at 0:04

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No Problem...I have found an alternative for this.. Instead of writing into a file I am now returning a Databag from Pig UDF

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I am looking for a similar solution. Can you please share how you are returning a Bag and processing it later? – user1652054 Jun 10 at 7:20

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