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I'm using apache.commons library for uploading file to a ftp server. It uploads file successful, but then I want to have a link to that file, that anyone can download it. How do I get the URL of uploaded file ? Thanks.

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One of the great features of an FTP server is the ability to use direct FTP links. With a direct link, you can use links to files and directories in emails and on your websites. Think of this: instead of sending a big attachment in an email, send a link to the file instead.

The format is really simple:

ftp:// username [colon] password [at] server.exavault.com [slash] folder-or-filename

For example: ftp://links:pass@test.exavault.com/transfer.pdf

source : http://www.exavault.com/docs/help/faq/transferring/direct-links

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