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I'm using Angular UI to render littel database entries in an accordion. In a first trial, I used bootstrap, but as I integrated AngularJS views, accordion is no more fully working (empty href...). I then replaced my bootstrap accordion with angular UI bootstrap one and the default template.

My problem is that in the bootstrap version, I managed to stylized the heading depending on the accordion title (I was using the ng-repeat directive, and the ng-style inside the heading). I tried to do the same with Angular UI, but even my custom class is not rendered.

This sample code was working great with bootstrap, but no more with ui.boostrap accordion :

accordion-group.accordion-groupLog(ng-repeat="item in data.entries | filter:search") 
   accordion-heading.accordion-headingLog(ng-style="{backgroundColor: styles[item.importance-1].bkcolor, color: styles[item.importance-1].color}")
         {{item.title}}   ({{item.importance}})

The goal here is to apply a different style (background color and text color) based on an item field. Furthermore, the class accordion-headingLog is to resize the accordion default size.

Here is the rendered code :

<div class="accordion-groupLog accordion-group ng-scope" ng-repeat="item in data.entries | filter:search">
   <div class="accordion-heading">
      <a class="accordion-toggle ng-binding" ng-click="isOpen = !isOpen" accordion-transclude="heading">

And I was expecting something like :

<div class="accordion-groupLog accordion-group ng-scope" ng-repeat="item in data.entries | filter:search">
   <div ng-style="{backgroundColor: styles[item.importance-1].bkcolor}" class="accordion-heading accordion-headingLog" style="background-color: rgb(214, 24, 40);">

[EDIT] I tried to put the accordion-headingLog class with ng-class attribute, but it does not work either. Just to test, I tried to apply the class and the style inside the body of the accordion, and it works well. I conclue that the accordionHeading directive does not accept any class or attribute ? How to dynamically apply a style on the heading then ???

[EDIT] Another trial was to build my own template. I am able to apply the accordion-headingLog class to the heading, but how can I set a customizable style ? I tried to use ng-style and apply a fixed style, but it does not work.

script(type="text/ng-template", id="template/accordion/accordion-group.html").
    div.accordion-heading.accordion-headingLog(ng-style="{background-color: #123456")
       a.accordion-toggle(ng-click="isOpen = !isOpen", accordion-transclude="heading") {{heading}}
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What do you mean rendered code? The bootstrap equivalent? Are you by any chance using bootstrap3? –  TyndieRock Oct 21 '13 at 17:25
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Angular-UI's accordion has an accordionHeading directive that allows you to include HTML. The example in the source code:

// Use accordion-heading below an accordion-group to provide a heading containing HTML
// <accordion-group>
//   <accordion-heading>Heading containing HTML - <img src="..."></accordion-heading>
// </accordion-group>

So maybe you can do something like this to conditionally apply your custom css:

<accordion-heading ng-class="{'custom-style': item.title }"> Your Title </accordion-heading>

Here is the Angular-UI Accordion source code https://github.com/angular-ui/bootstrap/blob/master/src/accordion/accordion.js

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In fact I already use the accordionHeading directive. Check the second line of the first code block I provided. But maybe I could try with the ngClass attribute instead of the ngStyle one. –  GuillaumeA Oct 21 '13 at 17:04
Oh sorry, I see that is written in Jade now. Is the ng-style clashing with the class="accordion-headingLog"? I guess i'm a little unsure of what the exact problem is. –  TyndieRock Oct 21 '13 at 17:19
No problem. I think I'll try to use ngClass for my accordion-headingLog class. –  GuillaumeA Oct 21 '13 at 17:32
I frequently refer to this question when dealing with conditional style stuff in Angular stackoverflow.com/questions/13813254/… –  TyndieRock Oct 21 '13 at 17:40
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