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Im not great at this stuff so please help

I have 2 websites and created the same image file on both, now in chrome only one shows yet in firefox they both show

Its really got me baffled

Below you should see 2 test images

<title>Untitled Document</title>

I had to input code? but wont let me add image because im new so here is random code

Many thanks if any one can help

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Hi there many thanks I solved it, for some reason ABP (adblock plus) saw one as an advert and the other as a advert Thanks Bogdan Costea and every one else – user2900944 Oct 20 '13 at 23:04

try to remove chrome, reboot your pc and then reinstall it! (if u want to keep your favorites, remember to create or do the login with the google account in the chrome settings). It should work!

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Maybe the problem is in your environment.

On my computer they both show up in Firefox and Chrome as well.

Try testing on other computers too if you can.

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Seems there is no hotlinking allowed on* check your .htaccess file.

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