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I have a workflow that sends out an email whenever a new doc/item is added into a document library. I need to modify this workflow so that emails are sent out only when the approval status for a document is set to pending, to do this I have done the following:

  • Enabled versioning in the document library which then requires document to be approved before they are visible.
  • Modified the workflow to send out emails if the "Approval Status" is equal to "2;#Pending". Saved and published the workflow and set the workflow to start when new items are added.

To test the workflow I then upload a document into the document library, I can see that the Approval status is set to Pending, the workflow I modified however gets stuck in "Starting" mode and no emails are sent the workflow also does not complete.

enter image description here

How can I ensure that the workflow runs and completed properly?

Thanks for any advice.

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