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I have a table:

Date        ColumnA    ColumnB
2009-12-29    "abc"     "abc"
2009-12-29    "abc"     "abc"
2009-12-29    "abc"     "abc"
2009-12-28    "abc"     "abc"
2009-12-28    "abc"     "abc"
2009-12-28    "abc"     "abc"

I want to write a query, in Microsoft SQL, that returns all rows for the latest available date in the table. So in the above case, it returns all rows with date 12-12-29.

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SELECT Date, ColumnA, ColumnB
FROM TableName 
WHERE Date = 
  (SELECT max(Date) FROM TableName)
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Dang! Beat me! +1 – n8wrl Dec 22 '09 at 18:35
FROM    mytable
        date DESC

This will work even for composite maximums (like, (date, othercolumn), which cannot be retrieved with a plain MAX)

You may want to read these articles in my blog for several ways to do this:

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