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I am a newbie in regards to System.Data.SQLite and .NET, so bear with me. I can't seem to get System.Data.SQLite even installed correctly. The self-installer completed and everything seemed to be kosher, but nothing seems to be working. In VC# Express, I tried to create a little sample program(http://pastebin.com/m8f7cec), but it's saying that it can't find System.Data.SQLite at the line: using System.Data.SQLite;. Also the Database explorer always errors out when I try to make a new connection, starting with, "Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data"... I also don't know what to put in the Connection string. Can someone help just get this started? I am familiar with SQLite itself.

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All the installer does is put the proper libraries on your local machine, as well as enable the plug-ins within Visual Studio to allow you to explore your databases via Server Explorer.

You still need to Right Click on your "References" section in your project and add a reference to the library in order for it to work at runtime.

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Well, I feel dumb, that worked perfectly for accessing the DB through code. However, the VC# database explorer still doesn't work correctly. I am getting the same cryptic error message no matter what Connection String I use. –  fishman Dec 22 '09 at 18:53
Are you setting the connection string in your app.config file? The location often changes between development and runtime, and the best bet is to update the connection string there. I saw your screenshot, but it looks to be occurring when creating a new data connection. Do you get the same error when running the app? –  Dillie-O Dec 22 '09 at 19:29
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You need to add a reference within your project to the System.Data.SQLite dll.

For the connection string, try http://www.connectionstrings.com, it has the format for most common connections.

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Isn't the reference using System.Data.SQLite; ? Or am I missing something? Thanks. –  fishman Dec 22 '09 at 18:42
See Dillie-O's comment, you need to actually add a reference to the dll within the project. There should be a references folder, right click on that, select 'Add references..' then navigate to where the auto-extractor put the dll (or better yet set up a lib folder within your project and copy the dll there). 'Using' only specifies that that particular class can use the dll, not the project in general. –  Wysawyg Dec 22 '09 at 18:48
Yes, that worked, however, the VC# database explorer still doesn't work correctly. I am getting the same cryptic error message no matter what Connection String I use. See here -> tinypic.com/r/rcsl5g/6 –  fishman Dec 22 '09 at 19:03
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